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LeBron James talks about his role in ‘Trainwreck’


Moviegoers aren’t the only ones surprised by LeBron James’ role in the romcom “Trainwreck” – so was the Cleveland Cavaliers’ star forward.

In a behind-the-scenes interview, James said when he first heard about the role, he thought it was just a standard cameo.

“They were like you’re going to play yourself and I was like OK, I can do that easily. I can just show up [and go] hey I’m LeBron, I play basketball, I can shoot some jumpers, I can dunk.”

Boy, was he in for a surprise.

“They were like uh, no,” James added. “You’re actually going to be Bill’s best friend in the movie and I’m like oh so that means I’m going to have lines?”

Despite his shock, director Judd Apatow said James has some comedic chops. “He has proven that he is a master of all crafts: basketball, acting, comedy.”

The movie featuring Amy Schumer and SNL veteran Bill Hader is about a commitment- phobic writer (Schumer) who falls for the sports doctor she’s profiling (Hader). James is Dr. Aaron Conners’ wingman.

“He’s my friend I go to for relationship advice,” describes Hader.

Clips show James playing a slightly awkward version of himself. He is the pesky friend who asks uncomfortable questions, talks too loud and dodges the check at lunch.

“I thought it would be really funny if he were cheap,” said Schumer who was also a screenwriter for the film.

Also be on the lookout for jokes about James’ return to Ohio.

“Trainwreck” will open in theaters Friday.


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