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An instructional guide to golf like Jordan Spieth


Compliments to Bro Bible for pointing out Jordan Spieth’s pre-round routine, which is further dissected below following the video.

Jordan Spieth’s schedule before teeing off:

1 hour and 15 minutes – arrives at the course for putting drills

Most of Spieth’s time in this stage is spent studying the course with an alignment stick. In fact, it’s as similar to applying the Scientific Method to golf – you have a variable and a constant, of which you test numerous times to get a stable result.

Following the drill using an alignment stick, Spieth manually counts measures of four feet in his golfing shoes and proceeds with another 12 putts at that interval.

He completes his putting drills at a total of seven feet away from the hole and taps in another 12 putts before he heads out to the range.

1 hour to go – steps onto the golf range

Here, Spieth utilizes various angle measurements with multiple attempts to survey the wind conditions and any other anomalies that might occur post-golf swing.

Firstly, Spieth lifts the golf ball 56-degree wedges and will do so for another 17 attempts. After completion, Spieth moves on to 56-degree sand wedges (7 tries) and pitching wedges (8 tries).

Further into Spieth’s routine are seven counts of test driving his eight iron. After this, Spieth will glance over a recording of each swing and adjust accordingly.

To complete the second phase of Spieth’s warm-up, he practices 26 swings using various golf clubs – 6 iron (8), 4 iron (3), hybrids (5), 3 woods (6) and drivers (4).

25 minutes to go – ventures off to the chipping green

To help dictate how much club strength he’ll need in the trenches and thickened grass, Spieth rehearses both his chip shots and bunker blasters – two fields in golfing that could seriously handicap a golfer’s score and output.

15 minutes to go – return to the putting green

Lastly, Spieth administers a final count of 21 putts before heading to the range for his opening shot in a tournament.

An interesting thing to note – in overall standards – is that 53 percent of Jordan Spieth’s 139 total shots in pre-round mode go no further than 100 yards.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports


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