Baylor brought Big 12 and Heisman trophies, unis to camp

What is one way to impress high school recruits at a summer camp? Well, you could tell them about your many championships and individual awards you have stacked up OR you could bring those trophies to the camp and let them see them up close.

The Baylor Bears decided to do the latter and I’m pretty athletes went nuts over it.

College Spun shared the picture of the Bears’ set up at the Art Briles Camp in Houston on Friday afternoon. The team decided to not only bring the Big 12 championship trophy that the team won in 2013, but they brought along Robert Griffin III’s Heisman trophy he won in 2011. To add more flavor to their table, they brought a set of Baylor uniforms future players would be playing in.

What a way to get recruits over to talk to your coaches.

The Bears are perceived to be one of the top teams in the nation in 2015 and with the way things look, that will happen in 2016. The Bears currently have the number sixteen recruiting class for 2016 and are only behind TCU for the best class in the Big 12.

Les Miles warns cameraman about pole, he doesn’t listen
Les Miles warns cameraman about pole, he doesn’t listen