Schwarzenegger challenges J.J. Watt to do squats in jeans

Any female who hit the dance club before stretch demon will tell you: Doing any type of a squat in tight jeans is not a good idea.

So of course we had to tune in when BroBible reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger challenged J.J. Watt to do 50 squats whilst rocking some nice skinny jeans.

Frankly we don’t know what we’re more fixated on: That we’re just now learning about the bromance between the Houston Texan and the Terminator star, or that Watt’s pants didn’t rip. (Seriously, what kind of reinforced-steel-infused denim are those pants made of?!)

Watt has been up to all sorts of different things this off-season, showing off his hockey skills and getting in a social media spat or two. His gym time with Arnie might be the most unexpected.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports