Lexus unleashes a concept car with a heartbeat

A custom Lexus RC-F has been riddled with electroluminescent paint that adapts to the driver’s heartbeat once the paint comes in contact with an electric charge. Sensors that are attached to the driver’s body radiates back information to the RC-F’s paint panel that hovers over a majority of the driver and passenger doors, and the hood. As a result of this communication, the electroluminescent paint flickers in tempo with the driver’s actual heart rate.

The developers of the Lexus concept come from the Australia division, Lexus Australia, as well as receiving helping hands from the creative tech department from creative agency, M&C Saatchi.

As a company, Lexus believes incorporating this sensitive technology in automobiles will deter accident reports by alerting other drivers of current behavior, such as road rage or drowsiness.

“Mapping man with machine provides an interesting investigation of control,” Ben Cooper, group innovation director of M&C Saatchi Australia, told Wired. “We think the data might show a different view of who’s really driving”.

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