Video: Guy takes a leak off deck, gets RKO’ed by friend

The RKO trend has really gotten to the point of being just an a-hole move. A few weeks ago, a guy performed an awesome RKO on an unsuspecting girl and into a river. What this guy did to his friend while he was taking a pee break makes me wonder if they were friends afterwards.

BroBible shared the video of a guy hitting a nearly perfect RKO on his friend while he was peeing off a dock. While it made for a pretty cool video, it was not a cool thing to do.

Why? Well, any guy will tell you that stopping and staring while doing number one is not the easiest or most pleasant thing to do.

I mean, I have said it in the past that slow motion does truly make everything better, but it still wasn’t cool. I do believe that the originator of the move Randy Orton would have been impressed by the RKO, however.

I am just waiting for the day until someone really gets hurt doing this move and tries to sue the WWE for it. Trust me, we will all see the video of some guy’s head bouncing off the concrete and blood going everywhere.

Don’t try this at home, but if you do, make sure to get it on camera.

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