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Video: Watch two brothers save Hammerhead


Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week ended a few weeks ago, but it seems like some people are still experiencing the hype of that week. This was clear when two brothers risked life and limb to save a dangerous Hammerhead shark that had loose tackle and line stuck in its mouth.

BroBible shared the amazing video of the brothers working together to get the shark out of knee-deep water. They were able to flip the beast onto its back and send it into a state of “tonic immobility”. This happens once sharks are put onto their back and it renders them defenseless.

Oh, did I mention that this happened in broad daylight and on a very populated shoreline? Yeah, crazy stuff.

Once the shark was free from the fishing line, one of the heroes helped the shark get back into the water. It was here that I thought I was going to see someone’s leg get bitten off.

The Hammerhead was obviously agitated by it being drug out of the water, but it not swimming back off into the ocean and sticking around the beach gave me the feeling that he was grateful for the people who had just helped him.

Maybe sharks really are just like any other animal and will be happy to know that someone cares about them.

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