‘Call of Duty’ gamer dating internet-famous meteorologist

Sorry fellas, but the internet’s favorite weather woman, Yanet Garcia, is off the market.

And she’s reportedly dating one of the most famous gamers on the planet–‘Call of Duty’ megaman Doug Censor Martin, aka Faze Censor.

Really you can’t hate who the model-meteorologist has chosen as a mate. Censor is pretty likeable, not your stereotypical run-of-the-mill gym-junkie or cookie-cutter video gamer for that matter. He appears to be a pretty chill dude, like a good buddy you would call up after a bad day of work to join you for a rage jog because you know he’d be good company.

That is, if he’s available for a jog because his gorgeous girlfriend is in town.

Supposedly there’s a bit of a language barrier between the two, but that doesn’t appear to be dulling what a great time they have together–or the fact that they make a really good looking couple.

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*Feature Photo Credit (above) to Cambiar News

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