Sydney teen’s mullet still going viral after a week

We aren’t ones to shy away from a truly hellacious hairstyle. (You remember when we, along with the rest of the internet, went bananas over the tennis-ball-guy in the stands at Wimbledon.)

So of course when BroBible went gaga for this Sydney teen’s godawful “mullet” and its internet following, we had to get in on the action.

What started as a photographer posting party pictures to a Facebook page last week has launched full-blown Meme-pocolyps, all because of this guy’s hair. According to the Daily Mail on July 20, the original photo has “more than 11,415 comments left, almost 10,000 likes and more than 1.7 million views.”

Really, the term “mullet” doesn’t even describe the spastic skunktale that this chap Ziggy Mosslmani has atop his dome. Hence the reason it has reached internet fandom of epic proportions. (And this is only one example.)

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