Looking into the Apple Watch’s availability at Best Buy

Surely you have heard the exciting news–Best Buy will have the Apple Watch in stock in the month of August.

No waiting in that godawful long line outside the Apple store for the newest toy out there? Heck, yes.

But before you go fetch that tent for camping outside the door on August 7, here are a couple things to know about the high-profile smart watch’s availability.

Mashable reports that only a couple versions of the watch will be available. The Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport will be available, while the Apple Watch Edition will not be.

-While the watch will be available at BestBuy.com, it will only be available in-store at 100 locations, NBCNews.com reports. Their will supposedly be another 200 stores added to that last “by the holidays.” Which brings us to…

-NBC also reported that Apple has not been very forthcoming with sales numbers for the watch. Apple is claiming that the mystery is to keep those numbers from being used by competitors. But it also makes us wonder why they would be sharing the product with a massive chain such as Best Buy.

So will you┬ábe in line to get the Apple Watch a la┬áBest Buy? Or are you going to stick to snagging the smart accessory from a polo’d salesman behind the genius bar?

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