USC’s Steve Sarkisian takes shot at Oregon uniforms

The USC Trojans haven’t been the yearly championship contenders that they once were over the past few years, but head football coach Steve Sarkisian has been bringing some of that confidence and attitude back to the program.

His latest media statement that grabbed the nation’s attention came recently when doing an interview about USC’s recruiting approach. During that interview, he chose to take a shot at the Oregon Ducks. They have been known for wearing quite a few different uniforms and gaining quite a bit of attention for that, but he said that USC doesn’t have to resort to wearing 13 different uniforms, and instead rely on their rich football tradition.

Oregon has been wearing a different jersey every week, and it has gained them a lot of attention from different fans and players. New uniforms are always fun and exciting for players, and it is just another selling point for the Ducks when recruiting prospects.

There is no doubt that the Trojans have a rich football tradition to offer to prospects, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. Quite a few schools would like to get the same type of deal that Oregon has, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see quite a few teams begin going that direction. USC doesn’t sound like they’re interested at this point in time.

Sarkisian is not scared to voice his opinion, and that was made clear with these quotes. It isn’t a bad thing as long as he doesn’t go too far with them, and this was very much in-bounds. He is simply doing everything he can to combat the Ducks’ usage of uniforms as recruiting tactics.

Obviously there is no love between these two teams at all. They both dislike each other, and these comments will make for an even more interesting game between the two schools on November 21st this year at Oregon. USC will be looking to back their coach up and make a point, but it isn’t going to be an easy game to say the least.

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