Bill Nye reading mean tweets is the best thing ever

Best day in science class was always when the substitute teacher rolled out the  TV stand with the gigantic retro television and popped on “Bill Nye the Science Guy.”

Even if you didn’t like science–which I didn’t–a little educational vid time with that guy was always worth it. I mean, who doesn’t like Bill Nye?

Apparently, a lot of people out there aren’t keen on the science  figurehead, and show that distain by doing what all agro haters in the 21st century do–troll Bill Nye on Twitter.

So how does the celebrity scientist respond to the haterade? By making a video in which he reads his mean tweets. Of course, it is the best thing ever.

Warning: If the sight and sound of Bill Nye swearing will ruin your childhood, this video probably isn’t for you.

Just keep in mind that you would also be missing out on two minutes of Nye’s incredible wit. He even drops a little science knowledge on the viewers, just for good measure.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports