In-N-Out dealing with “meth milkshake” suit

The following can be filed under “Things Vince Gilligan Could Have Considered as a ‘Breaking Bad’ storyline” or something like that.

The Press-Telegram reported last week that man has filed a lawsuit against In-N-Out Burger because of a 2014 insident in which he found–drumroll please–two meth capsules in his milkshake.

I mean, Walter White did have fast food ties, right?

On a serious note, this isn’t the first case of fast-food-foul that we’ve ever heard. And like all those other cases–remember the lady who found a finger in her Wendy’s chili?–we have several questions about this claim.

The P-T describes the suit by one Fred Maldonado:

“The suit states that Maldonado bought a burger and drink from the drive-through lane of the restaurant on Firestone Boulevard on March 9, 2014. He then took the items back to his nearby motel room, the suit states.

The next morning Maldonado found two capsules and a napkin at the bottom of the drink cup, the suit states. He returned to the same In-N-Out location and told the manager, who apologized and offered him a certificate for a free burger, according to the complaint.”

First of all: How did this Maldonado fellow not notice a napkin in his drink?

Second: How did he know what a capsule of meth looked like? That isn’t necessarily something they teach you D.A.R.E. According the suit:

“Plaintiff did not initially know what the two capsules were, but later testing revealed that they were methamphetamine and that it appeared that they may have been illicitly manufactured.”

Which leads to the next question: How did Maldonado have the time and resources to test these mysterious capsules in his ‘shake before returning to the In-N-Out  to complain to the manager?

The more questions arise, the more this story appears to be a work of fiction. Jesse Pinkman’s wardrobe was more believeable.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY