BYU QB Taysom Hill looking to Wall Street after football?

Every once in a while, you hear the story of a top-tier football player who has all the potential in the world ahead of him when his whole world seems to crash down around him. BYU quarterback Taysom Hill was easily one of the most talked about quarterbacks in the country before a broken ankle put him out for the rest of the season last year.

He now knows the costs of playing football and he has already begun planning for the future ahead.

USA TODAY did a feature story on the Cougar shot-caller where he talked about his future after football, whether that be in one year or twenty. He knows that his chances of being an elite starting quarterback in the NFL are slim to none right now, but he has already got a future for himself in the most unlikely of places.

Following his injury against Utah State last season, Hill took a long look at his career and where it might be headed. He then took a serious interest in his studies following near-hour long phone conversation with Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh.

Hill, a finance major at BYU’s Marriott School of Management, got an internship with a venture capital firm and that is where his future has shaped into what he sees it being.

“I was born and raised in Pocatello, Idaho,” Hill said. “I had no idea what went on on Wall Street, and then I started to see all these things and see the opportunities and I loved it. It filled the void of not being able to complete and play and all those things, but I was also able to progress in other areas of my life. The NFL, that’s my No. 1 goal. That’s what I want to do. But I’ve also had two season-ending injuries. I’m not stupid. I know things can change like that, and I don’t want to have something like that happen and not have anything (else).”

During his time with Pelion Venture Partners, he showed a much larger interest than the regular intern. He didn’t want to just be getting coffee or picking up dry-cleaning. He was in meetings every single day, watching and learning from the very best.

One of the firm’s senior associates, Ben Lambert, truly believes in Hill’s calling on Wall Street.

“If he’s getting drafted in the sixth or seventh round and he has a job opportunity to go work for Goldman Sachs in New York or San Francisco, it’d be very tough for me to say he should go play pro football,” said Lambert, a BYU alum. “He’ll make a lot more money not only in the long run but probably in the short- to medium-term. Save your body, save your head and go do this. I think he’ll be happier, his family will be happier and long-term it will be better for him. That said, he’s just one freaking good season away from being potentially the No. 1 quarterback drafted. If that’s the case, game on.”

But don’t let his desire to hit Wall Street fool you. Hill can flat out play football. Prior to his injury last season, he was considered a top player in the country and was in the thick of the Heisman Trophy race.

Hill had some great games before his injury last year as he adapted well to the change in offensive style. He started off the year hot running for ninety-nine yards against UConn and Texas, 160 against Houston and seventy-two against Virginia. He was also dangerous in the passing game, completing sixty-seven percent of his throws with just three interceptions in 132 attempts.

If Hill were to get drafted early in the NFL Draft, it’s likely that he would continue his athletic career and likely pursue his Wall Street life afterwards. He wouldn’t be the first athlete to do so. John Layfield, also known as former WWE superstar and current commentator JBL, has gone on to have a terrific career in the stock market and politics, all while being a former Tag Team and World Champion.

Hill and the Cougars open the 2015 season on the road against Nebraska on September 5. Right now, Hill is looking to be the most “money” player in college football.

Move over, Johnny Football.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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