Gronk and Big Papi sing fourth song about iced coffee

On the list of professional athletes who have had the best summer ever, Rob Gronkowski is somewhere towards the top.

The Patriots tight end has done just about everything, from being guest on a gameshow to being the subject of a new book. But the most amusing might be his recent musical duet with David Ortiz to create a series of short songs about Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.

We learned Tuedsay that Gronk and Big Papi teamed back up for a fourth musical installment about their favorite summer beverage. After dabbling in different genres for the first three mini songs, the duo tried out their hand at country.

Sure, it’s more Lonely Island than Los Lonely Boys. But as so aptly points out, the “intentinally terrible” tunes are still better than serious musical attempts from other athletes.


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