2016 Rio Games stocking up for $1 billion in ad sales

With a year to go until the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, advertising cost rumors are circulating and a price tag for overall ad sales is estimated at over $1 billion, in which NBC Universal expects to meet the benchmark set in 2012 ($1.3 billion) in London.

Seth Winters, executive V.P. of Ad Sales at NBC Sports holds the 2016 Games in high regards versus the Super Bowl and London, planning for over “20 million viewers” and an event that “will exceed London” in revenue generation.

Unlike advertising for the Olympics, which a company’s ad can re-air multiple times, the Super Bowl has a “one shot, one kill” mentality when it comes down to the creative department in an ad agency. But in recent times, the Super Bowl has induced trauma, relieving only 95 percent of its advertising inventory in 2014. Adding insult to injury, the swollen presence of automotive makers contributing ads has been alleviated in the last three Super Bowls from 16 to 11.


NBC Universal has the privilege of being only an hour behind Rio’s local time, which means less headaches in assembling taped packages (a procured method for Beijing and Sochi). A near-alignment of time zones also has its advantages in viewership, for those who prefer live streaming online.

A detailed overview of the history of marketing in the Olympics can be viewed here.

While an independent view of the marketing report for the 2014 Sochi Games can be viewed here.

Steph Curry shares picture of Riley and new sister Ryan
Steph Curry shares picture of Riley and new sister Ryan