adidas launches adiGirl, a clothing line for young female athletes

After bolstering a tremendous line-up of new collegiate sponsors, such as with Arizona State, the University of Miami and the University of Michigan, adidas will expand its product line and target market to specifically tailor to the teenage woman in adiGirl.

With the women’s athletic apparel industry worth an annual $15 billion, adidas will continue to integrate its ClimateCool and ClimaLite technologies in the adiGirl line, which trigger specific body temperature changes, while enhancing performance. It will also offer a feminine assortment along the color spectrum with shades of red and purple, along with floral prints.

Senior Director of Training and Sportswear at adidas, Katie Becker said adiGirl’s mission statement β€œ…was created to specifically meet the needs of the female teen athlete and provides her with versatile options that can be worn for more than just practice. We brought a fashion element to the design process that adds a fresh look and style that is unique to the adigirl collection.”

In congruence with adigirl’s “My Runway” campaign, adidas’ Vice President of Training, Kate Ridley, defies the boundary between the athletic teenage female and an everyday-normal female teenager: β€œThe adigirl is an athlete at her core but we have to acknowledge the powerful, multi-faceted teen that she is. This collection intends to address the needs of her demanding lifestyle, uniting sport with style. The launch of this collection is a part of our ongoing dedication to the female athlete and the way we both speak and create product specifically with her in mind.”

While adiGirl’s launch signifies a transition from afternoons spent poolside in the summer to shopping for back-to-school, adidas hopes to dip its toes into already-lukewarm water in a consumer’s market dominated by Nike, Under Armour and Lululemon – all of whom cater, contribute and conduct the majority of business within women’s athletic apparel.

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