Dak Prescott voted as ‘best player in the SEC’ by peers

In a poll of 42 SEC players by CBS Sports, three representatives from each of the 14 schools were given the opportunity to voice their biased opinions pertaining to the SEC itself – the top programs, players, etc.

Each value is either rounded up or down, as Jon Solomon of CBS Sports, the leading surveyor, stressed as figures not reaching a maximum percentage of 100. Also noted were the voids in some player responses that affected the final outcome in some questions.

At-a-Glance: The 2015 SEC Superlatives by SEC Players

Best SEC School: Alabama (37%)

TAMU T Germain Ifedi: “Alabama. You don’t count out a Nick Saban team. They’re always going to reload, retool.”

Best Coach: Nick Saban (42%)

Florida CB Vernon Hargreaves: “Nick Saban, just because of the things I’ve heard about him. Obviously, he’s a secondary guru. He wins.”

Best Player: MSST QB Dak Prescott (26%)

Mizzou C Evan Boehm: “Dak Prescott – just watching what he does on the field and the way he carries himself on the field. When something goes wrong, he’s right there picking the other guy up, and he throws a pretty ball and runs really hard. I’m looking forward to seeing what our defense does against him.”

Favorite Stadium to Visit: LSU’s Tiger Stadium (17%)

BAMA LB Reggie Ragland: “LSU in (the) night time. That’s a different experience. I wish everyone could get the chance to play in that but everybody can’t. Sometimes you have to leave a little crazier than you are because those fans are ruthless.”

Best Part of Playing CFB: Status/Impact, Atmosphere/Saturdays (29%)

TENN LB Curt Maggitt: “The amount of influence you can have. We’re blessed. We get to do something we love. We get our college paid for. We can impact lives. We can make kids smile thousands of miles away, make memories for life for some couples. It’s limitless influence we have right now.”

Worst Part of Playing CFB: Time Demands/Balancing School/Away from Family (38%)

BAMA RB Kenyan Drake: “It’s a lot of time that you don’t get to experience a regular college atmosphere. I guess vice versa a college student not involved in athletics would say, ‘I wish I could be involved in athletics.’ I just feel like there’s certain things, especially now as a senior, that I didn’t get to experience just because of my time. Football doesn’t give you the opportunity to be involved in like other little clubs or any other ventures you might have interest in, like even SGA. You just don’t have the time because football dominates your schedule.”

Concerns on Future Concussions (0-to-5 scale): 0 (36%)

Arkansas RB Jonathan Williams: “I’m not too concerned about it because of the way we talk about it at the University of Arkansas, it’s definitely open. We were talking to Coach Bielema about it and he was saying we’ve actually had a reported number (of concussion symptoms) go up each day because people are more aware of what’s going to happen.”

Time Management (Football-Related Activities): 51-60 Hours Per Week (33%)

BAMA LB Reggie Ragland: “It’s probably close to 60 hours a week. People don’t get it. They think we just play college sports and we shouldn’t get this, shouldn’t get that. But the time we put into it, we put in the same much time as a regular student academic-wise. I might get out of practice at 6, then I have study hall at 6:30 and I might stay over until 10:30 just to get something done. It takes me later in the days to do what I need to get done as a student and a lot of people don’t realize that. You’ve got to find ways to get it done, just like on the field.”

Harassment by Fans on Social Media (0-to-5 scale): 5 – Very Often (35%)

SCAR K Elliott Fry: “Anytime you miss a field goal – literally any field goal. I don’t know too many kickers who get affected by it, but you just read this stuff and it’s just these idiots saying whatever they want. I remember in overtime I missed a 58-yarder – nobody in college football made that long a kick – and I got a bunch of crap about that. It’s like, ‘That’s a 58-yarder. It’s a little harder than you think.’”

Number of Teams That Should Be in the CFP: 8 (45%)

BAMA RB Kenyan Drake: “I feel like eight or 12. I feel like it should easily emulate at least how Division II has its playoff system. If you count the preseason games, the NFL plays close to 20 games. I feel like our bodies are just as prepared as the NFL is to accommodate for that.”

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