This is the most amazing display of sportsmanship you will see

Fans of English soccer team Doncaster were not happy on Saturday, but what the club did gave us one of the most remarkable displays of sportsmanship you will ever seen on the playing field. The moment came during Doncaster’s game against Bury in League One.

After an injury disrupted play, Doncaster’s Harry Forrester tried to kick the ball back to Bury’s goalkeeper following a throw in.

However, Bury’s keeper was off of his line and Forrester scored an amazing goal from midfield. Bury players were unhappy with the goal, but Forrester was very apologetic and made it clear that he was trying to display fair play and he was not trying to score a cheap goal for the win.

If his immediate reaction did not show that he was sorry, what happened next did.

After the two teams discussed what happened during the play, Doncaster split the field and allowed Bury to run down the pitch uncontested for the equalizer in stoppage time. Doncaster fans rained down boos as their team gave away three points.

While it is understandable that Doncaster fans were unhappy, you have to respect the sportsmanship displayed by the players. Well done.

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