Lubbock, home of Texas Tech, named most boring city

It really doesn’t do your school any kind of justice for gaining new students when the city that the school is in gets named the most boring city in the country. Texas Tech University is feeling that pretty hard after Lubbock, Texas was named the most boring city in the country by a recent top ten list.

According to Everything Lubbock, the city was ranked number one on a top ten most boring cities list by The list looked at what the nightlife was like, especially on a Saturday night, to determine the most boring cities. Unfortunately for Texas Tech and their athletic programs, this doesn’t do them any favors.

While athletes don’t go to a certain school for the city itself, it is usually a good factor if they are located in a lively city. I mean, really, I would love to go to school in Los Angeles as opposed to Lubbock, Texas. It just sounds better and I know what goes on in California. felt that exact way when ranking Lubbock as the worst city. They began by making fun of the city’s name.

“The name of our No. 1 city even sounds like the place is lounging around doing nothing, and that really isn’t far off.”

The website continued to down the city as they said that it has no culture. The city itself ranks 73rd in arts per capita and 83rd in music venues per capita. That is very low, if you didn’t know.

It wasn’t like Lubbock was the only terrible city in Texas on their list. They also ranked Plano, Laredo, and Irving all in the top ten as well. If one were to look deeper into’s rankings, you would find that Dallas and Fort Worth, two of the state’s biggest cities, also crack the top fifty.

So basically, if you don’t want to be bored as an athlete, you should look elsewhere in terms of picking a college when it comes to the state of Texas.

Hey, Red Raider fans. At least your football coach, Kliff Kingsbury, is a good looking dude. That will at least attract women to your campus.

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