NC State gets approval for new dorm for basketball team

In the past, athletes at universities would strictly get a dorm of their own and would be allowed to live alone, away from the non-athletes at the college. With new NCAA rules, that has been done away with.

The NCAA states that now at least 51 percent of every dorm has to be made up of non-athletes. This rule came about after it was expected that athletes were given better standards of living, such as larger rooms and beds and better kitchen appliances. This rule, in theory, eliminates that issue.

According to College Basketball Talk, however, NC State has just receive approval to build a new dormitory building that would be intended for both the men’s and women’s basketball teams as well as non-athletes. So what is so special about Case Commons Residence Hall, named after the school’s winningiest coach Everett Case?

It has been reported that because of most of the athletes’ size, beds would have to be larger. Apparently, that caused a rift among the UNC Board of Governors as the price for the cost of the larger beds is nearly astronomical.

(UNC Board of Governors member Marty) Kotis, a commercial real estate investor, expressed concern about the cost per bed of the project, which is roughly $240,000, compared to typical dorms that range from $50,000 to $70,000.

“The red flag was the high cost per bed, which is really high,” Kotis said.

Considering that many student facilities are arranged in four-person suites, that would equate to $1 million per suite, he added

NC State isn’t the first school to do this and they surely won’t be the last. Kansas announced a similar project like this earlier this year and it is believed that many power conference schools will be joining them in the near future.


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