Video: Guy gets knocked out by hype guy before deadlift

There are two things that never fail in getting us to laugh: Slapstick comedy, and dudes looking dumb at the gym.

So of course we have played this video that BroBible found on a loop because it combines both of those elements and is too darn funny to be true.

Behold: The guy planning to do a massive deadlift, but can’t even take a little slap to the face.

(This could totally be staged. But that doesn’t make it any less hilarious.)

For starters, any guy who needs his buddy to swat him across the cheek is asking to get chuckled at. We get it–everyone has different ways of getting pumped at the gym, but this puts most bro-esque behavior to shame.

Secondly, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen someone pass out amidst a deadlift. Except this guy didn’t even make it to the lift portion.

Again–there is a strong possibility that this is fake. But it might make a couple gym junkies think twice about taking a slap to the chin while the cameras are rolling.

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