The Hemp Revolution: When skateboarding and hemp collide

An apparel company stationed in Australia constructed a halfpipe in the middle of a hemp field, but before you’re aroused by speculation, it’s neither to promote skateboarding nor for medical purposes.

Afends of Australia, the company responsible for airing out the idea, dubbed the skate ramp as an initiation of “The Hemp Revolution,” which educates consumers on sustainability within the fashion industry. While hemp is a volatile product (with over a thousand practical applications), a spokesman for Afends remarked that hemp decreases a carbon footprint, while promoting a “breathable environment” and “stronger clothing.”

“We here at Afends are trying to make our business as environmentally sustainable as we can, and by using products such as hemp, we can strive toward a more sustainable future for the fashion industry.”

Cheech and Chong would look down and smile at this.

Australian Territories and Their Respective Marijuana Laws


Possession of cannabis is a criminal offense, but first or second-time offenders with less than 50 grams may be cautioned.


Possession is criminal, but with less than 15 grams, offenders can receive up to two cautions.


Government plans to decriminalise possession of up to 30 grams or up to two non-hydroponic plants, but $200 fines will apply. First-time offenders are now cautioned.


Possession is criminal, but adults may be cautioned. ACT Possession of up to 25 grams, or five plants, is not a criminal offence but carries a $100 fine.


Possession by adults of not more than 100 grams or one non-hydroponic plant is not criminal but carries fines of up to $150.


Possession is criminal, but offenders with less than 50 grams may be cautioned.


Possession by adults of up to 50 grams or two plants is not criminal, but carries a fine of $100.

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