Video: Mark Richt nails near-perfect high dive backflip

Head Georgia Football coach Mark Richt may not win the SEC every year and he may not be liked by every one of the Bulldogs’ fans, but he is easily the best at performing high dive backflips. He certainly should be as he has been working on them since his first fully-clothed attempt in 2011.

USA TODAY’s For the Win shared a video of Richt doing his preseason ritual and heading up to the high dive at Gabrielsen Natatorium on Monday afternoon. I would say that he has certainly got a lot better in the past few years.

Yeah, I am really impressed by that. Heck, I’m twenty-two and I know I couldn’t pull one off that well, if at all. Richt is fifty-five and he has certainly showed me and most of the Bulldog nation up.

I don’t know how much it helps his team on the field this year, but Richt doing something like this could take a bit of the edge off the team’s training camp. In turn, this would probably make for a good week of practice.

We will see how loose the Bulldogs are this season when they open the season on September 5 by facing off against Louisiana-Monroe

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