Male dancer from Miami Heat dance audition gaining internet buzz

Take it from a former studio brat: dance auditions, no matter the style are no cake walk. They’re like going to a sit-down group job interview, but on steroids–because in sit-down interviews you aren’t likely to fan kick someone in the head.

So basically anyone who has a killer showing at an audition is going to get noticed.

Enter stage right–Keith Wilson, male dancer who auditions for the Miami Heats’ all-female dance team, and has become an internet sensation.

Wilson’s audition footage has gone viral and it should be because he is fierce. I mean, the Heats’ dance squad and the choreography are pretty saucy.

You don’t have to be a dance novice to tell that Wilson could feel the fantasy.

Wilson, who reportedly has his own dance company, tried out for the Heat dance squad 2012 and didn’t make the cut. He made it to the third round auditions, he did not make the cut for dance boot camp. However he did tell Buzzfeed that he hopes his efforts inspire other young male dancers:

“Go for it! Even if you get cut, it only takes one ‘Yes’ to make all the difference.”


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