Video: Fight breaks out at Texas football practice

The trench is easily the most brutal place to be on a football field. Each and every play it is a way between the offensive and defensive lines. It usually isn’t a surprise to see things get a little heated between players, even at practice when you are blocking your own teammates.

Things got a little out of hand at a Texas Longhorns practice on Thursday morning. The video sees offensive tackle Tristan Nickelson and defensive end Derick Roberson start shoving each other after the whistle and then it turns to blows.

I can tell you that both of these guys either got pulled off the field for a few plays to cool down or they went extra hard on the next few plays and were gunning for anything in their path. I wasn’t too shy about getting in a fight at practice when I was in high school.

It happens. Every one gets into some kind of scuffle at least once in their football career, it’s just better to do it at practice where the worst you are going to get is a few extra sprints.

At least we know the Longhorns are fired up for the start of the season.

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