Florida State to start mandatory off-field behavior class

The Florida State Seminoles have been in the news quite often for off-the-field issues, and they want those problems to come to a stop. According to reports, Florida State will implement a mandatory class for student-athletes that will focus on off-field behavior. It’s a bit sad that things have come to this point, but hopefully the class can change some attitudes.

Florida State athletic director Stan Wilcox issued a statement on the class and said that he believes it will be a positive influence on the players that take it.

“We feel that when it’s a course the individual has to invest more into it as opposed to when it’s an expert coming in talking to the kids. They’ll touch a good portion of them but there will be a time they won’t get to some kids and then that person is gone. If it’s a course that’s required the kids have to be vested in it and they have to get more out of it.”

Jameis Winston is just one of the prime examples that has come through Florida State and had off-the-field issues. He seemed to be in the media all the time in a negative light and was never able to shake the reputation that he received as being a troublemaker.

It will be interesting to see if kids at Florida State begin behaving better off-the-field with this class in place. A class can’t teach a persona bout how to be decent, which is the biggest issue in this entire situation. Most of the players that have given Florida State a bad name simply weren’t good human beings, which is the root of the issue.

That being said, taking every step that they can make to improve the issue is the right move for the Seminoles. One can only hope that this class can be a big tool in improving attitudes and changing life paths of these players.

Expect to see this class help a select few players, but there are going to be others that continue down the wrong path.

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