Photo: Ohio State Buckeyes release official fan t-shirt

The Ohio State Buckeyes are without question one of the favorites to come away from the 2015 season with another championship under their belt. Urban Meyer led them to one last season, and the quest for back-to-back titles is about to begin. There aren’t many teams that have more talent on paper than the Buckeyes do.

One thing that separates Ohio State from other schools off-the-field, is the fan support that they receive. They have one of the loudest and most loyal fan bases in the country, and that makes home games a very hostile place for opposing teams to play. Having that type of advantage at home has been a major plus for the Buckeyes, and they are going to have that once again in 2015.

That being said, the Buckeyes have officially released their 2015 official fan t-shirt. It is a sleek looking design and is obviously about chasing a second straight championship.

Check out these t-shirts, and if you’re an Ohio State fan make sure to purchase this one and gear up for the season.

UCLA LB Myles Jack kicked out of practice after fight
UCLA LB Myles Jack kicked out of practice after fight