Devon Modster talks Arizona, Russell Wilson comparison

Devon Modster is a four-star quarterback commit to the Arizona Wildcats in their 2016 recruiting class. Modster isn’t one of the most talked about quarterback recruits in the nation, but he is one that will surprise quite a few fans when they finally see him on a college football field.

Arizona is excited to see Anu Solomon come back for another big season in 2015, but the future is bright with Modster moving forward.

At 6-foot-2 and 220 pounds, Molder is the ideal physical size to become something special in the future. He is ranked the 13th best quarterback in entire nation in the 2016 class and has a lot of room to grow and learn from the Arizona coaching staff.

During his 2014 season at Tesoro High School in Las Flores, California, Modster put up 2,500 yards passing, 22 touchdowns and just eight interceptions, while also rushing for 693 yards and 16 touchdowns.

Those numbers show exactly why Arizona is so excited about his future, and there is no doubt that head coach Rich Rodriguez can do a lot to develop his young quarterback when he officially becomes a Wildcat.

Modster took the time out of his busy schedule to talk with Campus Sports for an exclusive interview as he prepares to take the next big leap in his career.

Throughout the entire recruiting process, Modster received interest from other schools like California, Arizona State and UCLA, and he explained what made him choose Arizona out of all the offers that he received.

“Well, they were the first school to offer me, so that played a big role because they showed that they wanted me from the start,” Modster said. “Also, they are in the Pac-12 conference. When I went up there, the coaches made it feel like home, and showed me love. I like the offense that they run, and the campus is amazing as well.”

Some Arizona fans may not know exactly who they are getting in Modster. He was more than happy to explain who he is both on and off-the-field.

“As a person, I would say I get along easy and I’m a person that just likes to hang out. As a player, I think I’m a guy who does whatever it takes to win. I can extend plays and use my feet when needed in addition to my arm,” he added.

“I will bring a lot of consistency to the field, and be someone who can throw any route. I am also a QB that can get the football out quickly.”

Not every player has the necessary talent to make a run at playing Division I football; some players never realize that they have the potential until it is too late. Modster opened up about his past with the game and when he realized that he could make his dreams of playing high level college football a reality.

“My sophomore year when I compete for the starting varsity spot and did well is when I knew that I had the talent. That year I knew I would only get better,” said Modster. “My family, friends and my QB coach, coach Calhoun, all played an important role in the success I have had.”

Comparing his game to a current NFL quarterback wasn’t difficult for Modster and he had two quick answers. He compared himself to Seattle Seahawks star Russell Wilson, while also mentioning Cam Newton as a second comparison as well.

Those two players combined make a very nasty super player which is exactly what Modster is hoping to be for the Wildcats. He is hoping that his football IQ will play a part in his success.

“The strongest aspect I would say is the mental side of the game, extending plays and being consistent and take what the defense gives me. Weakest I think would be learning how to become a coach on-the-field at the quarterback position.”

Arizona has been waiting on a player like Modster to come around for quite some time, and he left the fan base a very short and to the point message in closing.

“You are going to get a quarterback who will win at all cost, and a person who won’t be stuck up and arrogant when someone talks to me.”

Assuming he continues working hard on his game, there is nothing holding him back from becoming a future star. He has every physical asset needed to become a very special quarterback and the Wildcats are lucky enough to have him as one of the cornerstones for their future.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to Rivals