The Onean jetboard is the future of surfing

It’s not the hoverboard promised to us in Back to the Future. But it’s still pretty sweet.

BroBible unearthed this 30-second teaser from European company Onean which has manufactured the jetboard–a surfboard with some serious fire power.

Electric surfboards aren’t a brand new concept, however this breed from Onean is looking to be a bit more advanced.

Let’s be real–surfing down a non-surfable river is a pretty impressive feat.

Now, the boards are only available by pre-order on the Onean website at the moment, and are priced somewhere around 3.450,000 Euro. (One Euro is equivilant to $1.1, so you do the math.) So these beasts probably won’t be under most of our Christmas trees anytime soon. But that doesn’t tame our excitement at this peak into the future of surfing.