Brian Mitchell on RGIII: ‘he thinks everything is a damn joke’

Remember that time Robert Griffin III, who averaged 188.2 passing yards per game in 2015 and has a career of experiencing a blitzkrieg 101 times over three years, claimed he’s the best field general in the league?

Oh, the amount of coffee wasted on spit takes after reading that.

Maybe RGIII is still living in a lucid dream about his legendary collegiate years at Baylor – 10,000 career passing yards with a touchdown-to-interception ratio of 78-to-17.

But frankly, RGIII needs a concrete reality check with the help of J.J. Watt’s shoulder pads to transport him back down to Earth.

And since his declaration, the Redskins P.R. staff have signaled RGIII to keep a low profile with the media before regular season games. In fact, they’re so outraged in Washington, that they ‘banned’ him for making said appearances.

Expelling his disgust with Robert Griffin III, Brian Mitchell – former quarterback/running back for the Ragin’ Cajuns and also a fifth-round draft pick by the Redskins – transformed into a diva and sounded off on the former Baylor Bears quarterback:

“He thinks everything is a damn joke. It comes a point in time where someone is going to have to stand up and tell him what he needs to hear, not what he wants to hear. This young man seems to be a guy, in my eyes, that loves people around him that says what he wants to hear, coddles him, doesn’t challenge him.”

“I don’t care what they keep trying to present. We don’t wake up in the morning looking for him. And dude, you’re not that damn important where you think we need your name to go out there and get people to click on stories. There’s enough stupidity going on around here. We can pull anyone around the league and do something to get stories. But you’re not that damn important. What’s going to make you important—and I want everyone over there in your little PR department [to listen]. I will talk to you in your face this way. You need to shut the hell up and start playing football. That would make you important.”

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports