Nutso high school football coach to install rugby-style offense

By now, a majority of football fans know of Kevin Kelley. The Pulaski Academy head coach recently appeared on “HBO Real Sports” where he unveiled his latest idea that will leave football purists scratching their heads.

Kelley is the man who gained national attention because he refuses to punt, always goes for it on fourth down regardless of field position and always performs onside kicks.

While those are all insane ideas that he backs by statistics, his latest form of wizardry could bring a new offensive trend to the sport.

Enter “rugby football.”

The head coach’s radical idea is to implement the strategy you see during rugby where players are always passing to extend their plays. The pop and spin passes are the equivelent of a lateral in American football.

With those passes, Kelley believes his team will have more of a chance to extend plays and rack up the big plays of more than 20 yards. Last season, teams that had more plays of at least 20 yards won about 81 percent of the time.

It’s hard to argue against trying to extend those plays.

Of course, he admits it may just be a crazy thought, but it will definitely be fun to watch.

It might be horrible,” Kelley said, via the Washington Post. “But there’s a lot of thought that went into it.

“Let’s say we could successfully complete a pitch three times a game. The guy with the ball is going to be in more one-on-one situations down the field. Even if it’s not working as well, I do think opposing coaches are going to have to change the way they defend the field.”

It could be dangerous to expose the ball so many times downfield, but the rogue head coach has never been one for conventional wisdom.

With a 77-17 at Pulaski and two state championships, Kelley shows that his unconvential practices may not be the norm but they work. And with his team buying into the system and the results staying positive, why should he try to be “normal” now.

For all we know, Kelley’s new system could work wonders and start a new trend. Then, football as we know it could be changed and Kelley can sit back saying, “I told you so” while the rest of us wonder “why didn’t we think of that?”

Football is supposed to be fun, after all. And Kelley certainly keeps us reminded of that.

Plus, who wouldn’t like to see something like this every Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday night?

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to Arkansas Business