Greg Sankey: Future SEC expansion not dead just yet

Ten SEC schools have been with the conference since the very beginning. In 1991, the conference expanded to include Arkansas and South Carolina and they again expanded in 2012 to take in former Big 12 schools Texas A&M and Missouri.

While there is no news of the conference wanting to add new teams to the conference in the near future, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey sure didn’t do anything major to shoot down those rumors.

According to Sports Day Now, Sankey recently made some comments regarding the future of the SEC.

“My focus has not been on expansion,” Sankey said. “It’s about transition right now and the conversation is about, ‘how do we meet the expectations upon us in such a great way that people continue to want to be affiliates with the SEC?’ I think excellence is attractive but expansion is not a front burner issue for us at the present time.”

Sankey was asked what his “general philosophy” is when it comes to the conference expanding. He gave a pretty interesting answer.

“Acknowledge it’s not a front burner issue,” Sankey said. “We added two great universities in Texas A&M and Missouri, both members of the American Association of Universities. Great athletics traditions. Contiguous states. There’s probably some information in there that’s useful.”

The site went on to list a host of schools that are also members of the AAU and could possibly be targets for the SEC to add in the future.

  • Duke
  • Indiana
  • Ohio State
  • Purdue
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia

UNC, Virginia, and Duke have all had their name tossed around in the past about possibly being added to the SEC one day. The Big Ten schools really have no reason to leave for the SEC at this point, so that leaves the former three and Big 12’s Kansas.

The Jayhawks add an interesting dynamic in basketball, but any one of the ACC schools would put a huge twist on things within the SEC.

While the SEC maybe another 5-10 years from expanding again, it is always fun to look at what could possibly in the future. For now, we are going to have to stick with 14 teams, but you can never say never, especially in the world of college football.

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