Technical error temporarily costs Adam Schefter his job at ESPN

If you watch as much ESPN as the next sports fan does, you more than likely know Adam Schefter. Heck, you don’t even have to watch ESPN to know who he is if you are a fan of the NFL. Schefter is the top NFL scoop guy for ESPN and he has a pretty close relationship with his electronic devices, especially his cell phone.

Nobody likes to have their electronic devices just quit working out of nowhere, but Schefter, whose livelihood depends on his cell phone and laptop, is probably the last guy that wants his phone to stop working.

According to Bleacher Report, that is exactly what happened to him Thursday afternoon, but it was for a very strange reason.

If you are as involved with NFL employees as Schefter is and you work for ESPN, like Schefter does, you don’t ever want to have your phone or laptop to stop working out of thin air. That is because it usually means you have been or are likely about to be fired.

Apparently, Schefter had to go through that scary situation, but it wasn’t a purposful firing.

ESPN-NFL senior producer Seth Markman first broke the news via Twitter that Schefter had accidentally been placed on the terminated list with the company.

Schefter responded to the situation and said he was patiently awaiting news on his status with the company and that this wasn’t the first time something like this had happened.

It was reported that a technical error led to Schefter being placed on the terminated list, which means that there is probably an intern waiting to see if he or she has lost their job today. At least Schefter is still going to be gracing our television screens.

Well, that is until someone puts him on the “Exiled from all Sports Communications List.”

Glad to see you weren’t fired, Schefty.

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