Madden 16 trailer features gangsters and a tyrannosaurus rex

Although it’s marked for an August, 25, 2015 release, Madden 16’s movie trailer encaptures manic hairdos and shagged clothing that seem to fall under the timeline of the 1970’s and 80’s with a contemporary twist.

The basic plot features a Russian antagonist, who’s holding Blade Johnson’s (Dave Franco) girlfriend captive. After exchanging an awkward one-line banter, Blade enlists and deploys his legion of friends, including Colin Kaepernick, whose cameo means launching out of a candy apple red Tesla as Al Pacino from Scent of a Woman.

From fearless samurai stuntmen to countless frames of Julio Jones judo chopping an innocent bystander, the Madden 16 trailer encompasses some of Hollywood’s most recognized and highest-grossing movie releases, the automobile industry’s best supercars and a dose of endorphin-pumping visual effects.

Responsible for coaching Blade Johnson into conquering his Russian foe, Rex Ryan unleashes a similar trait found in drill instructors. Unfortunately, Lil’ Pepper is assassinated by a barreling football.

As for Half Top, the brawny component of the crew, catapulting footballs out of x-shaped cannons is necessary in combat.

Nowadays, however, Half Top’s alter ego in Rob Gronkowski can’t seem to step out of the limelight in promotional appearances, including a duet with David Ortiz for Dunkin Donuts and starring as the Ultimate Warrior for drink supplement, Body Armor.

Position Ratings – Madden 16

Quarterbacks (99 overall – Aaron Rodgers)

Running Backs (96 overall – Marshawn Lynch)

Wide Receivers (97 overall – Antonio Brown)

Middle Linebackers (96 overall – Luke Kuechly)

Cornerbacks (97 overall – Richard Sherman)

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Video: Gronk portrays Ultimate Warrior in BODYARMOR Sports Drink ad
Video: Gronk portrays Ultimate Warrior in BODYARMOR Sports Drink ad