Video: Gronk portrays Ultimate Warrior in BODYARMOR Sports Drink ad

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is easily one of the biggest characters in the NFL today. He loves to party, has the craziest dances, and he is an absolute freak on the field. The late Ultimate Warrior was the most colorful character in a sea of characters in the WWE with his intimidating face paint, ridiculous promos about rocket ships, and variations colored championship straps.

BODYARMOR is the next big thing when it comes to sports drink companies. They have gained notoriety over the last year or so by sponsoring multiple football-related events and having Dr. Pepper buy stock in them.

Gronk must have loved the drink as he has decided to do some advertising with them. The company’s latest ad will make any wrestling fan want to go out and buy a case of the drink upon watching it. Gronk, umm excuse me, Gronkasaurus portrayed the WWE Hall of Famer in an epic Warrior-like promo. They even got the graininess of the VHS tape correct.

Gronk may need some work on his promos, but I’m sure he has a future in the WWE. I mean he’s athletic, massive, and already brings a ton of publicity to the company, so why not at least have him on in a guest spot?

Get on it Vince McMahon!

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