Auburn freshman Byron Cowart tweets out frustration

The Auburn Tigers were hoping that freshman defensive end Byron Cowart could become an immediate contributor in 2015, but that doesn’t appear like it will happen. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear like it will happen with the early struggles that he has been having during practice.

Cowart not only hasn’t dealt well with them personally, he also took to social media to vent about his issues. His Twitter account sent out two messages that were detailing the disappointment and anger that he felt about the problems he is having early on. They have been deleted since then, but not before plenty of people saw them and took screen shots.

It is understandable for a young player to be frustrated early on in his college career. That is a normal thing, but when the player takes to Twitter and puts their team on blast there are issues. Cowart is going to be hearing from the coaching staff about his decision and it will be interesting to see if anything else happens.

Gus Malzahn is one of the better coaches in college football at developing young talent, and Cowart simply needs to be patient. Coaching staffs have to call out players for their deficiencies and they will also help players work on those issues that they see.

Expect to see this issue to blow over fairly quickly and for Cowart to get back on-the-field and learn something from this situation. Social media is a very dangerous thing for athletes, which this situation shows.

Cowart has the potential to become something special, but he needs to keep his mind positive and focus on doing everything he can on and off-the-field to get better.

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