Gator hunters catch 920-pound monster, will eat it on Labor Day

What is the best way to celebrate Labor Day? Most of you are probably saying that you will enjoy your day off from work, relax, watch some football from the weekend past, and even have a barbecue.

I can tell you exactly what these Alabama alligator hunters will be doing two weeks from today.

They are going to be eating some 250 pounds of gator meat. According to Complex, gator hunters Scott Evans and Jeff and Justin Gregg hauled in a massive 920-pound monster out of Lake Eufala in western Alabama.

The story originally comes from and Evans talks about finding the prehistoric beast.

“We knew it was big,” Evans said. “We took some measurements of its girth, base and around its tail” after it was in the boat.

The trio said that the alligator will yield 250 pounds of meat and they plan on eating all of it on Labor Day. “It won’t go to waste,” Evans said. He’s collected some new recipes, and he’s planning a big Labor Day cookout.

I don’t think they have to worry about if they will have enough food to eat in a few weeks. And when I say “they”, I mean the entire city of Eufala, Alabama.