Lil Wayne predicts the Lakers as contenders, Stephen A. loses his s***

In a seven-minute interview with the splash of co-hosts of ESPN’s First Take, Weezy F. Baby shared his opinions on current events, such as Deflategate and his opinions on the Lakers in the upcoming NBA season, which tips off in approximately three months.

The wide-eyed-dilated-pupils Grammy rapper quickly infuriated the stutter-heavy Stephen A. in regards to Lil’ Wayne’s “you can win a championship and, if you work hard, anything’s possible.” When verbally ambushed by Smith about the probability of the King’s and Timberwolves’ reaching next year’s NBA playoffs, Wayne clenched his eyeballs in near constipation as if he had just masticated a whole lemon, then showcased his snow white teeth, while bursting into hysteria.

The main attraction, however, results, not from Lil Wayne’s lack of sports aptitude but rather, from his affinity for something greener – herbs.

Several patrons of Twitter pointed the finger at the narcotic:

In a segment filled with awkward silences, as well as probably qualifying as one of the most boring interviews in the ESPN archives, the bloodshot eyes of Lil’ Wayne signified no future job assignment as a commentator.

In his banner of tattoos, Lil Wayne squeezed the Bristol-based network on the top side of his elbow:

Based on the comments above and from carefully observing The Carter’s body language, I’m sure police K-9 units could sniff Lil’ Wayne’s Mary Jane breathe all the way to Maricopa County, Arizona.

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Photo Credit to Just Jared

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