Video: Rutgers returns #ClubIce for 2015 season

It doesn’t always happen, but there are times when to help your muscles recover or to heal an injury you are forced to sit in an ice bath. It absolutely sucks, but after sitting in in for a few minutes, your body just goes numb and you get used to the freezing temperature.

That isn’t too say players are never excited about a trip to the “Silver Tub of Death”, but you know who is really excited about it? The Rutgers football team.

Last season during the Scarlet Knights’ fall training camp, the team introduced #ClubIce.

It was a tent set up with a bouncer out front with a list of people who could get in.

Inside, it was a freaking party with strobe lights, glow sticks, loud music, and fog machines. The team brought it back this year and you really have to see it to believe it.

I have never seen a group of guys so happy to actually get into to a tub full of ice water, but these guys were hyped up like they had just won the Big Ten East division championship. Maybe getting excited and having a party is the best way for guys who actually to soak in the ice water to do it.

At least these guys will be iced and ready for the season opener on September 5 when they host Norfolk State.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports