Woman chugs entire bottle of Cognac before flight

There’s a fine line between not wanting to waste liquor and being an absolute alcoholic. This Chinese woman, Miss Zhao, apparently has no idea where one line ends and the other one begins.

In a rather odd story out of Beijing (yeah, that doesn’t happen every day), Zhao was stuck in the awkward position that anyone who flies frequently has been caught in before. She realized that she couldn’t take a bottle of liquid with her onto the plane, so she decides to drink the entire thing before getting on, not wanting to waste any liquid.

The bad thing about that is the fact that Zhao didn’t drink a bottle of water. She down enjoy a Coke before hopping on her flight. She drank a bottle of Cognac. She chugged the entire thing.

From The Nan Fang:

Zhao was transferring to a Wenzhou flight at Beijing Airport at noon on August 21 when she was stopped at airport security. A worker told the woman in her forties that she was not able to bring the imported cognac through the security checkpoint in her carry-on. As it was too late to transfer the cognac to her checked-in luggage, Zhao did what any responsible person that hates wasting food would do: she sat down in a corner and drank the entire bottle of cognac herself.

I’ve personally never even had Cognac, so I can’t describe what that is like. However, I know what Jack Daniel’s, Grey Goose, Jose Cuervo, and Captain Morgan all taste like and I can promise you, I wouldn’t want to chug any of those.

I mean, this may be a good way to completely forget about the flight you are about to get on. Unfortunately for Zhao, she was taken into custody for medical examination and finally released to her family after she sobered up…ten hours later.

Remember kids. Some alcohol is okay, but everything is better in moderation. Don’t drink and fly.

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