Diplo, Skrillex on producing Justin Beiber’s ‘Where Are U Now’

DJ Diplo said a chance meeting between himself and oft-scorned pop star Justin Bieber was what sparked the summer hit “Where Are Ü Now.”

“Skrillex probably never would have done a song with Bieber a year, or two years before,” he told the New York Times.

But after the meeting, Diplo and Skrillex came together to transform a simple piano ballad by Bieber and Jack Ü into a haunting eletropop tune.

Diplo said of the song’s transformation “We’re always trying to find something you’ve never heard before.”

The song’s uniqueness lies in the digitally-produced extras sprinkled throughout the track such as the violin- flute sound in the chorus.

Skrillex said the hybrid sound was created from his own vocals. According to Complex magazine, a recording of Skrillex voice was distorted to create the high pitch sound that “coaxed a human warmth into the track.”

The LA music producer compared the technique to that of painting “If you compare it to a painter, so much of the process down to the 11th hour is just getting the colors. You mix a little, this color and that color and create a new shade and a new tone you maybe haven’t seen before,”said Skrillex

The theme of painting was carried over to the video where artists’ drawings were superimposed over Beiber’s body and surroundings like a flipbook.

The collaboration between Beiber, Ü, Diplo and Skrillix is already a big hit with the video garnering over 115,000,000 views on YouTube.

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