Heinz ketchup to be called ‘tomato seasoning’ in Israel?

Having a full awareness of what is in your food is totally fine. You should totally know what you are shoveling into your gullet.

But the current argument over in Israel over Heinz “ketchup” is something to marvel at.

Mashable reports via Israeli newspaper Haaretz that the local Health Ministry has deemed it illegal to label Heinz ketchup as–well, “ketchup.”

Apparently, a competitor complained that the world’s most recognizable ketchup doesn’t contain enough “tomato solids” to be considered the token red paste, and will be called “tomato seasoning.”

Per Mashable:

“After a complaint levied by local competitor Osem, the Health Ministry agreed that since Heinz does not contain at least 10% tomato solids, it can’t legally be called ketchup.

However, Osem’s victory may be shortlived. Haaretz reports that Heinz’s local importer, Diplomat, is working with the Health Ministry to legally change the definition of ketchup from containing 10% to 6% tomato solids. In the meantime, English labels may still retain the term ‘ketchup.'”

We don’t care what these Osem folks are thinking, but hungry patrons sprucing up their cheeseburgers are going to reach for Heinz even if it’s called “seasoning.”

Let’s see how long these shenanigans hold up.

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