Kyle Flood contacted part-time professor about grades

A new development in Rutgers’ investigation of football coach Kyle Flood’s alleged contact with a professor has been uncovered.

Per Kelly Heyboer of, a university representative has said that the instructor whom Flood emailed regarding a student-athlete’s grades “was likely a part-time lecturer making less than $5,000 per class.”

The player that Flood was asking about is rumored to be junior cornerback Nadir Barnwell, and faculty union president David Hughes expressed his concern over the alleged contact.

“You can imagine how someone in those situations would feel,” Hughes said. “A guy earning a million dollars is talking to an instructor earning less than $5,000.”

Thus, the problem is pretty clear. NCAA rules prohibit coaches from pressuring faculty into tinkering with athletes’ grades, and this is a case where Flood could have potentially used his status as a full-time Rutgers employee against someone who was only there part-time. Flood himself has denied any wrongdoing, saying he has kept his contact with professors within NCAA rules and regulations, but this could end up looking incredibly bad for both himself and the program if the investigation finds that he did pressure the professor at all, part-time or no.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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