Cameraman hit by baseball, flexes as if nothing happened

I’m sure that everyone reading this has been to a baseball game at least once. That said, everyone knows that before every game, there is a disclaimer that fans in attendance should watch out for loose balls or even bats that may leave the field.

On top of the fans, this goes for the television crews that are working the game.

It just so happens that in last night’s game between the Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles, a cameraman was hit in the right shoulder by the ball that Texas catcher Chris Gimenez launched out to centerfield for a home run. Given how the pitch was a 93 mile-per-hour fastball thrown by Kevin Gausman, one would think that the cameraman would go down like a sack of potatoes, clutching his shoulder.

WRONG. The man didn’t even flinch as the ball bounced off of him, and he even flexed afterward. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Mr. Manly 2015!

Despite his impressive showing yesterday, the guy is probably a little sore this morning. Hopefully, he ducks out of the way next time.

Or, perhaps, he’ll see if he can do it again!

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