Steve Smith ejected after fight, watches game from stands

The NFL preseason has been criticized for years after teams have lost key players to major injuries. This year has been no different as the NFL has seen many teams lose big parts of their team already.

Most fans don’t understand why the preseason is so long or even there except for saying “Hey, here is finally some football! It doesn’t mean much, but here are some of your favorite teams playing their second string guys.” That is until last night’s game between the Washington Redskins and Baltimore Ravens.

The two teams have never really had a rivalry, despite only being separated by a couple hundred miles. The latter team, however, does have a player with a very small fuse and his name is Steve Smith. Someone lit that fuse in the game Saturday night.

Complex shared a video of Keenan Robinson’s hard hit on Ravens’ receiver Kamar Aiken. That started a brawl between the two teams in which several players go ejected. Smith was one of those players.

Things even got heated between the two head coach as Baltimore’s John Harbaugh and Washington’s Jay Gruden had to be separated by referees.

Smith gave an ever-so-arrogant bow to the crowd as he made his way off the field, but he wasn’t leaving the stadium.

Instead of leaving the stadium, Smith stuck around and decided to catch the rest of the game with his kids up in the stands. Now that is an awesome dad.

It’s not every day that a guy can claim he watched his dad’s NFL team play with his dad sitting by his side. At least he will have a cool story to tell his friends at school.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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