Skip Bayless claims that Jay Gruden ‘sabotaged’ Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III has been benched in favor of Kirk Cousins by Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden. It was a move that took the entire league by surprise, especially after Gruden had been so vocal about sticking with Griffin and giving him a chance to prove himself in the regular season.

ESPN sports personality Skip Bayless has been very vocal about his belief that Gruden sabotaged Griffin in order to be able to start Cousins.

“This is some fishy business going on in Washington,” Bayless said. “It sounds like sabotage to me. It sounds like Jay Gruden is going out of his way to make sure RG3 either looks bad or is disqualified from playing either one way or the other so that Kirk Cousins can play.”

Griffin and Gruden have had bad blood between them since the beginning of last season. Gruden was very vocal about his displeasure in Griffin’s play last year, and the struggling quarterback didn’t back down from his head coach’s remarks. Battling a war in the media is never a good thing for a coach and player to do, but the idea of sabotage isn’t too far-fetched to believe.

Gruden has been extremely unprofessional as a head coach since signing on with the Redskins. Simply the fact that he was so open with the media about calling his players out was a sign that this kind of ugly ending could be coming.

While his unprofessional nature has been a bit concerning, there is no question that Cousins outplayed Griffin in training camp and preseason action. Both quarterbacks have had their ups and downs throughout their careers, but the former Michigan State star has definitely been more consistent and given the Redskins a better chance to win.

All of that being said, it will be interesting to see what ends up happening this season with Cousins as the starter. He is being given every opportunity to prove that he is the best quarterback on the Redskins’ roster, but he has to take advantage of the opportunity this time around.

Expect to see Griffin get shopped in trade talks over the next few weeks and his time with the Redskins has almost definitely come to a close.

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