McDonald’s to serve all-day breakfast starting October 6

After hosting an all-day breakfast selection in certain markets since March, a panel of voters decided on ‘yes’ for McDonald’s to promote their Egg McMuffins and McGriddles over the entirety of their daily business operations.

BREAKING: McDonald's franchisees vote to approve all-day breakfast offering in 14,300 U.S. restaurants starting on Oct. 6 – DJ • $MCD

— CNBC Now (@CNBCnow) September 1, 2015

.@jim The eagle has landed. And by eagle we mean #AllDayBreakfast. And by landed we mean starting 10/6!

— McDonald's (@McDonalds) September 1, 2015

Since McDonald’s is suffering from one of its lowest years in sales, McDonald’s USA President Mark Andres confided in the Egg McMuffin to potentially boost sales by 2.5 percent.

In a survey conducted by Instantly, who polled 10,000 participants, 72 percent voted for an all-day breakfast offering, while 44 percent of McDonald’s regulars leaned more towards the breakfast menu, despite the lower numbers of people consuming breakfast.

Below is a response to one of McDonald’s most mysterious practices of not serving its morning cash cow around the clock (via McDonald’s):

“Here’s the thing: it comes down to the sheer size of kitchen grills. They simply don’t have the room for all of our menu options at one time — especially considering we use our grill to prepare many items on our breakfast menu.

But we’re always looking for ways to better meet our customers’ needs. For example, many restaurants offer breakfast before 5:30am. And our McDonald’s After Midnight menu features some of our customers’ favorite breakfast and dinner menu options to mix and match to create Midnight Value Meals.”

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