Tourism Australia boasts the ‘world’s biggest selfie service’

Since everyone and their brother’s dog is taking selfies of themselves every damn second, there have naturally been tricks and upgrades to make your selfie experience more, um, enjoyable. If you can call that long stick thing an enjoyable contraption.

Now there appears to be a new-fangled app on the horizon that’ll karate chop that stick in half.

Buzzfeed has the scoop on GIGA Selfie, an app from Tourism Australia that will supposedly make it possible for you to take “picturesque selfies” with backdrops and landscapes and such.

Personally, I can’t stand the whole selfie┬áthing, with the poorly-lit closeups of duckfaces and obvious shot of the taker’s forearm in the corner of every shot. But GIGA will supposedly take that out. So, I decided to give to check out how it’s supposed to work.

Here’s the promo video:

It’s kind of a cool idea, as the free service would allow for some exapnsive landscape shots. You can see how it would be a draw for those who cannot┬áput their phones down.

Two small issues though. First, the app only works at spots where a GIGA platform is set up–the Gold Coast is currently the only locale–so if you want your picture at a different location, you’ll have to take it the ol’ fashioned way. Secondly, the photo captures you holding up your phone at an awkard angle as if you are taking a landscape photo of yourself taking your own selfie. Which just looks redundant and odd.

But heck, this could be the start of a revolution in tourism across the world. Stay tuned.




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