Rapper at University of Texas makes awful music video

Just when you thought the Bad Song and Music Video Olympics were forever discontinued thanks to Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” that song now has some competition.

It appears that a rapper named Jonathan Dror has recorded a song called “Put ‘Em Up” about the “Hook ’em Horns” gesture, and made a video that was filmed both on campus and in downtown Austin.

Simply put, the video is AWFUL.


First off, Dror doesn’t resemble anything close to a rapper, nor do some of his entourage. If anything, he looks more like the member of the AV Club that hung out with the jocks just for the sake of doing so, and his sunglasses are borderline terrifying.

In terms of his wardrobe, he should trade in his pink shorts, tube socks and Longhorns Hawaiian shirt and bolo tie in exchange for some decent clothes and proper pizza eating skills (watch the video. It’s BAD).

Just the same, I’ll encourage you all to watch the video simply because it’s like a car wreck. It’s impossible to look away!

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Book on the Fab Five scheduled for October release
Book on the Fab Five scheduled for October release